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 Match Ig Vs HK

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Date d'inscription : 2016-03-09

PostSubject: Match Ig Vs HK   Sat 28 May - 3:29

=|iG|= Despe: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Exodus,Fringe,Havoc,Hunted,Infection,Metro,Redwood,strongold
=|iG|= Despe: Je ban Strongold
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: je ban Infection
=|iG|= Despe: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Exodus,Fringe,Havoc,Hunted,Metro,Redwood,
=|iG|= Despe: Je ban havoc
=|iG|= Despe: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Exodus,Fringe,Hunted,Metro,Redwood
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: je ban metro
=|iG|= Despe: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Exodus,Fringe,Hunted,,Redwood
=|iG|= Despe: Je ban hunted
=|iG|= Despe: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Exodus,Fringe,,Redwood
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: je ban redwood
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Exodus,Fringe,
=|iG|= Despe: Je ban exodus
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Fringe,
=|iG|= Despe: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,,Fringe,
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: je ban fringe
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,Exodus
=|iG|= Despe: Mec je lai deja ban exodus
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: Aquarium,Breach,Evac
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: deso
=|iG|= Despe: Tu bannes quoi ?
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: Aquarium,Breach,Evac,,Fringe,
ca c est la
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: >HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: je ban fringe
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: je t es dis fringe juste apres et je t es copier avec erreur la liste
=|iG|= Despe: Tu las banni fringe mec
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: oui
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: il rest ca Aquarium,Breach,Evac
=|iG|= Despe: Je ban evac
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: ok Aquarium et Breach pour le mat de mercredi 5v5 21h30 21h45
>HK.Δ<®κø†εκ | Rct: match*
=|iG|= Despe: 21h15 au plus tard
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Match Ig Vs HK
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